Hawaii to swipe early this week with Barbara

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Even though Barbara is no longer a tropical storm or a hurricane, thunderstorms and showers linked to the diminished system are forecast to impact Hawaii early this week. Barbara was once a 155-mph Category 4 hurricane. However, albeit the tropical cyclone will keep on to head in the direction of Hawaii in the coming days, it was grown weaker. The compact region of heavy rain, as well as high winds, will spread out and reduce.

Barbara was lowered to a tropical storm early Friday morning, local time, and then a tropical rainstorm early Saturday. As per the hurricane specialists, by the time the feature arrives at waters around the Big Island late Monday and Monday night, merely scattered gusts of wind are expected to remain.

“But even in this configuration, Barbara is expected to bring locally heavy rain and create rough seas and surf as it keeps on to drift westward into Wednesday,” the experts said.

An adequate amount of rain can fall to result in localized incidents of flash and urban flooding. There’s the possibility for locally severe thunderstorms with squally winds, particularly on the east and northeast facing slopes primarily.

There’s even the possibility that a couple of downpours take place in regions that usually don’t receive rainfall during a northeast trade wind setup. How much of that takes place will depend on the orientation of the left over shell of the once strong hurricane.

As the swath of thunderstorms and showers will be more spread out with a weak feature, the center of the rainstorm may possibly not be required to straightforwardly over the islands for downpours and locally squally winds.

During the last week in June, heavy rain hit Honolulu as a non-tropical storm created a southerly flow of moisture. Over 5.50 inches of rain fell on the city. According to a senior meteorologist, even with Barbara crossing as a tropical rainstorm, much less rain is expected to fall on Honolulu with this setup in contrast to the rain from June 25 and June 26.

It was even said that it is likely that Honolulu gets just a small amount of rain, at the same time as other regions are flooded as Barbara passes by. The heaviest rain linked to Barbara is anticipated to drench the windward regions of the Big Island.

As the system approaches, seas are anticipated to build from west to east. According to the experts, huge swells created by Barbara will reach the islands by Monday and bring higher surf, particularly to the east-facing coastal regions with exposure to the open ocean into Tuesday.

Like some of the rain showers, such situations may shift to the south-facing shores for a time as Barbara moves by to the west. More threats are expected as the season progresses. Cosme developed as a tropical storm well to the southwest of Mexico on Saturday morning and has since grown weaker to a tropical depression on Sunday evening.

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