Key Importance of Weather Forecasting

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The weather has a great impact on various aspects of human life. So, efforts have been made for years to improve the accuracy of weather forecasting to ensure a better life. In this article, we’re going to learn about the key importance of weather forecasting. 

What is weather forecasting?

Before going deeply into how important weather forecasting is, we may need to learn about its definition.

importance of weather forecasting

Importance of weather forecasting you may not know

Weather forecasting refers to the process in which science and technology are applied to predict the conditions of the atmosphere for a given location and time. Humans have been making an unofficial weather forecasting attempt millennia ago, and official weather forecasting dates back to the nineteenth century. Weather forecasting is done by collecting data on the current state of the atmosphere and applying a scientific understanding of atmospheric processes to predict atmospheric progression.

Key Importance of weather forecasting

The ultimate goal of weather forecasting is to protect human lives and property, improve health, safety, and economic prosperity.

Weather prediction positively impacts people's lives in various ways:

#1. Weather Forecasting benefits tourism 

No doubt, tourism is strongly affected by climate and weather. The increasing fluctuations of weather may affect tourists and tourism businesses. Thus, weather forecasting helps in planning tourism facilities to minimize the damage caused by severe weather, as well as increase profitability. In particular, by checking the weather forecasts, tourists are able to choose proper destinations for the best experience, plan their trips to avoid possible risks.

The importance of weather forecasting is undeniable.  

importance of weather forecasting

Key importance of weather forecasting 

#2. Weather forecasting improves transportation safety

Weather strongly impacts the safety and operation of roads. Driving abilities can be impaired by severe weather conditions like snow, rain, or storm. Moreover, There has been a slew of traffic accidents reportedly caused by bad weather. 

For air transportation, weather forecasters help reduce flight delays, flight times, and energy savings, and ensure the safety and comfort of passengers. The key importance of weather forecasting for this industry is the provided information on critical weather conditions that could endanger an aircraft at takeoff, landing, and during flight, e.g. strong winds, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and ice.

Marine meteorologists prepare advisory information for ships, including information on the position, trajectory, and intensity of strong storms and warnings of strong winds, fog, and hazards. other risks, as well as general forecasts about weather and sea conditions. Vessels may accordingly change course to avoid adverse weather conditions. As a result, the safety of ships, cargo and passengers is enhanced, and fuel is saved at the same time.

importance of weather forecasting

Importance of weather forecasting for transportation

Hence, the importance of weather forecasting in the transport sector needless to say. 

#3. Weather forecasting beneficial to dressing

It’s true that weather affects how we choose outfits. It’s not easy to dress well in unusual weather conditions, though your wardrobe is filled with multiple items. 

For example, you have an outdoor meeting tomorrow but you don’t know how to dress properly. That’s where weather forecasts come in handy.  

By checking whether, before the event, you can get an overview of how the weather would look like to choose the best clothing without being affected by the weather.

This helps save your time and solves the headache matter of what to wear. 

Is this importance of weather forecasting significant?

importance of weather forecasting

 Importance of Weather Forecasting: Dressing properly 

#4. Weather forecasting is beneficial to farmers

Temperature, humidity, and precipitation play an important role in the cultivation of fruits and vegetables. 

Farmers previously predicted the weather based on observations of the sky. However, the development of meteorology these days has provided them with accurate weather forecasts by using supercomputers to collect data. 

By regularly checking weather forecasts, farmers are able to know the best time for crops and farming practices and better understand and track the growth status to make potentially costly decisions.

The importance of weather forecasting for precision agriculture is obvious.

importance of weather forecasting

The importance of Weather Forecasting for agriculture

#5. Weather forecasting enables planning properly 

One of the most noticeable benefits of weather forecasting is to make proper plans. Checking weather forecasts online before the trip or before you join outdoor activities to know what the weather is going to be like and to have a good preparation.

#6. Weather forecasting & forestry

Weather forecasting is crucial for preventing and controlling wildfires. 

Various indicators, such as the Forest Fire Weather Index and the Haines Index, have been developed to predict areas prone to fire caused by natural or human. Growth conditions for insects can also be predicted by forecasting the course of the weather.

#7. Weather forecasting & utility companies

Thanks to weather forecasts, electricity and gas companies can predict demand that is strongly affected by the weather.

They used the quantity known as the degree day to determine how much use would be available for heating (heating degree day) or cooling (cooling degree day). These quantities are based on an average daily temperature of 65 ° F (18 ° C).

Extreme cold weather in winter can cause demand to skyrocket as people have to increase heating. Likewise, in the summer, the soaring demand may be related to the increased use of air conditioning systems in hot weather. By anticipating soaring demand, utilities can buy more energy or natural gas supplies before prices rise, or in some cases, limited supply through use. electronics stores and power outages.

Check accurate weather forecasting 

Being aware of the importance of weather forecasting can be helpful for individuals and organizations. A lot of weather forecast apps available on the market provide you weather information. One of the most popular ones is the Weather Forecast application. 

Here are some typical features of the app

  1. Provide detailed weather conditions 

The tool provides accurate weather conditions for a given location and time. Weather Forecast has been widely appreciated by providing detailed weather information such as day and night temperature, humidity, wind, and precipitation.

The information is constantly updated, which gives users hourly, daily weather forecasts.

2. Weather forecast for 7 days or 14 days

The app gives you accurate 7 day weather forecasts or even 14-day weather forecasts. You’ve known the importance of weather forecasting in making proper plans for trips or outdoor activities.

importance of weather forecasting

Do you know the importance of Weather Forecasting?

3. View the weather forecast for locations you want

Weather Forecast also allows you to search and view the weather forecasts for your preferred location. 

Visit, enter the name of the location you want to check the weather at the search bar. The app will show you the specific temperature, wind speed, precipitation, and other key weather elements.

This is come in handy for those who plan to have trips and want to know what the weather is like in the place they are going to.

4. Simple & easy to use 

The app is simple, intuitive, and exceptionally easy to use. Just open the app, enter the location you want to check the weather and it will then display all the important information such as temperature, humidity, the chance of rain, weather tomorrow, and weather next 5 days.

The importance of weather forecasting is transparent. Download the app now to your iPhone and Android and make use of its benefits. 

Is Weather Forecasting Accurate?

Many apps provide 24-hour weather forecasts with an accuracy of up to 97%. If you want to know how the weather is going to be in the next 5 days, a weather forecast can give 90% of what you expect.

80% is for an accurate 7 day weather forecast. Many meteorologists agree that weather can be predicted with high accuracy for up to 10 days in advance. 

importance of weather forecasting

Considerable importance of Weather Forecasting

It’s impossible to collect data from the future. Hence, weather forecasts use estimates and assumptions, which can be less accurate for the further future as the weather constantly changes.

Understanding the enormous benefits of weather forecasting, many sites try to offer long-term weather forecasts in advance (more than 10 days forwards).  


In short, the importance of weather forecasting is pronounced. That’s why hydrometeorology continues to invest in improving its capacity, coordinating relevant industries in professional activities and scientific research to improve the ability to forecast weather fluctuations.

Rate: 4.2 - 60Votes


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