How to dress for cold weather: Top items men should have for winter

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Winter will be approaching so quickly, and it will get colder and colder. Now maybe is a good time for us to prepare our closet for the upcoming winter with the extreme cold weather. Have you done that already? If you haven’t, well, let’s spend some minutes on our today’s article “How to dress for cold weather: Top items men should have for winter”. 

It’s always so important to keep our bodies warm in the cold weather. Though we all know that it’s quite hard to stay fashionable during extremely cold days, you will still look stylish if you know how to mix and match your clothing items.

how to dress for cold weather

It’s always so important to keep our bodies warm in the cold weather

So, how to dress for cold weather to stay warm and fashionable? The answer is right below here with a list of fashion items that every guy should have for winter. But before finding out what they are, it’s good to first take a look at a few essential cold-weather clothing tips, right? Let’s check them out right now!

How to dress for cold weather: Basic cold-weather clothing tips

Dressing for cold weather, of course, takes a little know-how together with some preparation. Here are basic tips on what to wear and how to wear on cold days that we should know and remember. 

Layering your clothing is essential for staying warm

If you layer your clothing the right way, you can stay warm for longer and not need to concern yourself with feeling cold or getting too warm or even sweaty. You will want to have three layers of clothing for winter, including the base layer, the middle layer (or insulating layer), and the outer layer. 

how to dress for cold weather

Layering clothes is essential for staying warm

  • The base layer. Sometimes, your long underwear doesn’t need to be the “warmest”. It needs to be good at absorbing moisture and keep you as dry as possible. If you participate in a high-energy sport, for example, it’s best to wear a lightweight base layer. Otherwise, a midweight base layer is considered great for most purposes. A heavyweight base layer seems suitable only in really cold weather or when you are fairly inactive.

  • The middle layer for warmth. This layer adds insulation to help retain the heat that our bodies create. It’s worn between the base layer and the outer jacket layer. Some examples of the middle layer are a down sweater, a fleece vest, a synthetic insulation jacket, etc. 

  • The outer layer. Wear over your middle layer an outer shell jacket to shed water and snow. It protects you from the heavy wind as well. The outer layer that is waterproof with increased breathability will enable moisture to be transferred away from your body more quickly. That’s how to dress for cold weather!

Go for wintry accessories (hats, gloves, scarves, ...) 

A hat is key to stay warm and fashionable when you are outside in winter. It’s estimated that 40 to 50 percent of our body heat through the head, so it does make sense to keep it as warm as possible.  

Similarly, it’s important to keep your hand warm by wearing gloves. You know that, right? 

how to dress for cold weather

How to dress for cold weather: Go for wintry accessories

Well, scarves, knit headbands, earmuffs, and other wintry accessories are also things you should have for the next winter.

It’s not uncommon for many of us to go out without protective eyewear and sunscreen in winter. Do you know that sun damage can be strong in cloudy weather? So, don’t forget to wear sunglasses with UV protection, and apply sunscreen and lip balm even during cold, cloudy winter days.  

Safety is a lot more important than fashion

Your health, your safety is, of course, always most important. It’s the next thing you should remember when it comes to how to dress for cold weather. Very low temperatures and severe weather can be a health hazard, so it’s best to sacrifice your fashion sense temporarily rather than a risk to health. 

Keep your feet warm

You should never let your feet cold in the freezing weather. Always keep your feet warm by wearing appropriate socks and shoes for winter. For example, wool or wool blend socks are considered great natural insulators. 

Well, always make sure that your footwear well fits your feet and large enough to accommodate the socks that you will be wearing most often during the winter. 

how to dress for cold weather

Keep your feet warm

Footwear that constricts your foot will not only make you uncomfortable but also constrict your blood flow, causing your feet to be cold. It’s an important tip on how to dress for cold weather. Besides, you may also want to have gaiters to prevent snow or water from entering over the tops of your boots. 

Pay attention to the weather forecast

Checking the weather forecast frequently is a good way to prepare for what you should wear and carry around on winter days. 

If you know the temperature is going to go up a little bit and rain is not expected, it’s good to dress appropriately and just carry only what you need in your handbag. For example, things like umbrellas can be left home. 

how to dress for cold weather

Pay attention to the weather forecast

Similarly, you will have better preparation with appropriate types of clothing if you know beforehand that the temperature is going to be below the freezing point. Things like gloves, hats, and scarves are all essential items to carry around with you. 

They are some of the essential tips on how to dress for cold weather for both men and women. Now, in the next part of this writing, it’s time for us to explore top fashion items that every guy should have for winter. 

Top items that every guy should have for winter 

Here’s a quick list of never-out-of-date fashion items that men should have for cold days. They will be divided into different categories, including winter accessories, winter coats, and footwear. Well, keep scrolling down if you are looking for new things to supplement your wardrobe with new pieces. 


How to dress for cold weather? Well, wearing appropriate accessories when going you into the harsh winter weather is a must to keep yourself warm and comfy. There might be various types of winter accessories, and you should at least go for hats, gloves, and scarves. 

Of course, these accessories can come with different designs and materials. Here are a few suggestions for you to consider:

  • Knit caps, newsboys caps, and homburg hats. 

For casual wear, a regular knit cap will be a good option. In addition to keeping your head warm, it also helps your ears to stay warm too. Not only that, wearing knit caps makes you look a lot more mature, manly, and pretty stylish as well. 

If knit caps are not something you are looking for, newsboy caps (or trapper hats) and homburg hats are other choices for you. While newsboy caps can be a good option for casual wear, then homburg hats can look exquisite with your formal wear. 

how to dress for cold weather

Winter hats for men

  • Leather gloves 

Leather gloves can protect your hands from cold, wetness, wind. They look classy as well. When choosing leather gloves, it’s better to go for a pair with lining to produce extra warmth for your hands. If you’re the one who is constantly glued to your smartphone, it’s good to consider a leather pair with tech-friendly fingertips.  

  • A scarf that stands up to the elements 

Wearing a scarf that is brighter and more colorful than your coat can make your cold-weather outfits more fashionable. These days, many people go for infinity scarves and thick-knit scarves as these items can make us look quite cool and manly. However, they work better for casual wear than for formal wear. A simple wool scarf that is not too chunky seems more appropriate for formal wear. 

Winter coats 

Next, it would be a big mistake if we discuss how to dress for cold weather without mentioning winter coats. Selecting the right winter coat is so essential to your look.

But more importantly, it needs to well protect you from the cold temperature, wind, and more. Of course, you always have a lot of choices when it comes to winter coats for men. Here are some great suggestions for you to consider:

  • The Parka

Parka is a type of casual coat with fur-lined hoods that can well protect you from cold winds and falling snow or rain. Though parkas are traditionally casual, it’s good to wear one with a suit as well. It’s considered an excellent coat, especially if you live in very cold climates.  

  • The Duffle Coat

Like the parkas, the duffle coats also often come with a hood to keep our heads warm. They are also casual coats made from coarse wool and easily recognized by wooden toggles instead of buttons. 

how to dress for cold weather

Duffle coat for men

  • The Pea coat

Another winter coat that you should go for is the pea coats. They look quite great, emphasizing the male form with their broad shoulders and slim waist as well. Also, pea coats do a good job of keeping warm.

  • The Trench Coat

Trench coats always come in a lot of styles, offering you a lot of options to choose from. You will look so sharp when wearing a trench coat over your casual and formal clothes. As looking for a trench coat, it’s good to pick one with a wool lining! 


Footwear is the next thing we want to talk about when it comes to how to dress for cold weather

Winter might be a good time for you to replace your regular dress shoes with a new pair of footwear that can do a good job of keeping you upright when the ground is frozen solid and making your feet stay warm and comfy. Here are a few suggestions on good types of winter footwear to consider:

  • Brogue boots

Look just like regular brogues, but brogue boots come with a few extra inches of coverage over ankles. When wearing brogue boots, your pants will cover this part, you will still look professional. 

This type of boots also often have insulation and vibram soles to keep the wearers from slipping. Interestingly, you will look great wearing them with not only formal but also casual outfits. What a surprise!

  • Chelsea boots

Like brogue boots, Chelsea boots look so great with both a suit and casual outfit, especially with a leather jacket and jeans. The defining features of this type of footwear are the hell pull and elastic ankle-sides to make them easy to slip on. 

how to dress for cold weather

How to dress for cold weather: Winter boots for men

  • Duck boots 

Duck boots might not be for everyone. But if you are looking for ones that can deal with heavy rain, heavy snow, or sleet, then duck boots can be perfect. Though they are not the most elegant, this type of winter footwear has an interesting shape that can be suited to your casual outfits.

Along with these, snow boots, leather chukka boots, work boots, … are also good winter footwear that you can go for. More tips on how to choose the best shoes for cold weather here.


Recently, we explored some basic but essential cold-weather clothing tips. Along with these are some suggestions on great fashion items that every guy should have for winter. Now, you have known more about how to wear and what to wear in cold winter, right? Hope that this article of “How to dress for cold weather: Top items men should have for winter” did provide you with useful and interesting information.


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