Tips for Cold Weather Workout Clothes

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You might find it uncomfortable to exercise outdoors in cold weather. However, with proper workout clothes, you can keep their body not only warm but also stylish. Take a look at the following tips for cold weather workout clothes and brave the frigid temperature.

How to choose proper cold-weather workout clothes?

Exercising comfortably outside comes down to proper dressing. The best way to stay warm while exercising in cold weather is to dress up in a specific combination of layers. 

cold weather workout clothes

Best cold weather workout clothes

By layering properly, you can regulate your body temperature as well as keep moisture away from your skin, and stay warm. Moreover, having a layering plan makes it easier for you to remove or add layers to adjust your temperature control. 

The layers you wear for a given activity are matched to the weather, your activity level, and your personal preference. When it comes to cold weather workout clothes, we talk about layering. There are essentially three layers to consider, and each has a specific function:

  1. The base layer: Wicks moisture and perspiration away from your skin to keep you warm and dry.

  2. The mid-layer: Insulates and keeps you warm

  3. The outer layer: Blocks wind and retain the body heat

The Base Layer

The base layer is closest to your skin. You should opt for a tight-fitting and wicking material to keep you warm and dry. Your base layer should use technical, sweat-wicking fabrics, like antibacterial Smar wool, Polypropylene, silk, polyester, Thermax, Thinsulate. 

cold weather workout clothes

Tips for cold weather workout clothes

Cotton is not recommended as it traps moisture next to your skin, so it stays wet and draws heat from you. Select the weight of the base layer according to the outside temperature and your activity level. The lighter weight is better at wicking while the heavyweight has more insulation.

One of the best cold weather workout clothes is Lululemon Swiftly top, ideal for the base layer as it is soft and smooth to the touch. It's seamless so there's no rubbing on the skin and feels dry even when you're sweating. It has finger piercing, which I like for keeping the sleeves in place, and has some extra coatings that provide warmth on my wrists and hands. It's available in a variety of colors with new ones always coming out - and older ones usually show up in the sale if you're looking for an offer.

The Mid Layer

The middle layer provides insulation. It needs a little looser than the base layer, but to function properly it needs to maintain contact with the base layer. The middle layer also carries moisture from the base layer to the outer layer. 

cold weather workout clothes

Cold weather workout clothes to stay warm

A popular medium for the middle layer includes polyester, wool, wool, and the newer synthetic/natural blends. Most mid-layer clothing has extras like a pit zipper, elongated front buckle, adjustable cuffs, and a collar.

Paired with a base layer, it’ll be warm enough for you to exercise in most conditions. 

The Outer Layer

Regarding cold weather workout clothes, the outer layer helps shield you from the wind and rain, as well as retain the body heat. Choose outer layers made of Gore-Tex or a similar material. Additional features such as pit zippers, ankle zippers (for pants), and plenty of ventilation options are standard. The outer layers must also be strong enough to withstand tears and wear. 

cold weather workout clothes

Best ideas for cold weather workout clothes

Other inferior tech options could include a wind-resistant material or a water-resistant fabric. A great alternative to summer shorts is tracking pants for men with neutral flannel that will turn you into a strong and stylish guy. This type of stylish sports pants comes with flexibility, comfort, cuff cut details, and a snug fit that will remove the sloppy style inherent in traditional jogger pants. 

To protect your body from light winds and rain, Patagonia Houdini's ultralight jacket can be a good choice as it is waterproof and non-frills.

One tip on maintaining cold weather workout clothes is follow the care instructions on the item. It’s necessary to clean synthetic, technical fabrics properly to wick, insulate and repel water. Special cleaning products can restore moisture wicking and water repellent properties if needed.

Best cold-weather workout clothes for women

Thermorbal or hybrid jacket

This jacket is designed with zippered pockets that keep the zippered pockets super warm in chilly temps. The jacket should be lightweight to create a haven of heat inside without feeling bulky when you’re running. 

cold weather workout clothes

Cold weather workout clothes you should know

Coldgear Amour leggings

They may not look like cold weather workout clothes, but these aren't your usual black tights. Made out of Under Armor special ColdGear fabric, these performance pants feel like your favorite fleece sports pants. But instead of loosely fitting like a briefcase you borrow from your big brother, they are very thin, so you can train like a beast at any given moment. 

Track pants

A great alternative to summer shorts is track pant pants for men with neutral flannel that will turn you into a strong and stylish guy.  This type of stylish sport pants comes with flexibility, comfort, and a snug fit that will remove the sloppy style inherent in traditional jogger pants. 


Invest in some touchscreen-friendly running gloves so you can press “pause/resume” on your running app and not freeze your fingers. These Adidas shoes feature Climawarm technology making them worthy of snow walking and cross country skiing just as they are for a run in cold weather. Reward: Hidden slots can hold your house keys and reflective details ensure that you are visible on the road. 

cold weather workout clothes

Ideas for cold weather workout clothes

Guide on Cold weather workout clothes

The weather is a bit cold (20-30 degrees): At this temperature, you normally only need to wear a layer of elastic clothing. If it's not warm enough, you can add a sleeveless t-shirt or a waterproof and windproof vest. A headband not only fixes the hair but also helps prevent sweat from draining down the scalp to the eyes.

Cold weather (10-20 degrees): You should wear at least two layers of clothing, wear a hat and thin open-toed gloves. If you exercise on a humid day, wear a jacket and pants that are windy.

Very cold weather (under 10 degrees): You need to be very careful to select cold weather workout clothes because the body parts are susceptible to cold. Your "gear" is indispensable for the following: two layers of thin T-shirts, a thin sweater, a windbreaker, fur panties, a scarf, a wool hat, and gloves. 


The temps are getting frigid, but it can’t stop you from crushing a workout. As long as you have the right gear to keep you warm and energized, you can enjoy outside workouts. Whether you’re opting for a run or a training session, the best way to withstanding the cold and achieving your fitness goals is wearing cold weather workout clothes that are simultaneously breathable and insulating.

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