Summer fashion: Tips on choosing hot, sunny weather outfits for women

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How to dress for hot and sunny weather? What to wear to stay cool and comfy during hot days? ... Are they the questions that you’re wondering? If that’s the case, this article is certainly what you are looking for. Check out this article: “Summer fashion: Tips on choosing hot, sunny weather outfits for women”, then you yourself will know how to dress for hot and sunny days.

sunny weather outfits

Women’s summer fashion

Summertime is a great time for trips and vacations, but it might be a nightmare for many of us if the temperature rises so high. During dog days of summer, it’s crucial to dress properly with the right items so that you will keep yourself cool and comfortable. That means it’s a must to choose appropriate hot and sunny weather outfits. If you are not sure about what to wear and how to wear on boiling days. Keep scrolling down to know more!

Top cooling fashion hacks for summer that every woman should know

Of course, there are so many ways to get yourself ready for the hot summer. Hot, sunny weather won’t bother you thanks to the following cooling fashion hacks for summer. Not only do they make you stay cool and comfortable, but also help you look so fashionable. 

Stick to light-colored clothing

Do you know dark colors absorb the sun’s light and will make you feel hot, while light colors reflect rather than absorb the sun’s ray and can keep you cool? That’s true! So it’s always a good idea to wear light-colored clothes, especially white dresses and button-down shirts in summer. 

Stay away from tight clothing

It’s essential to keep your clothes loose during hot summer days. The looser, the better. In other words, the less fabric we have actually touched our bodies, the more comfortable we will feel. That’s the next tip on choosing hot, sunny weather outfits for women that you should know.

sunny weather outfits

It’s essential to keep your clothes loose during hot summer days

Well, believe it or not, a pair of shorts and a skintight tank can’t keep you cooler than a flowy maxi dress. That’s the reason why cropped, wide-leg pants, oversize blouses, loose shirts, as well as dresses and skirts with room to breathe are what you should go for in hot, sunny weather. 

Choose sleeveless or loose sleeves 

Quite similar to the previous tip, it’s not a bad idea to go for clothes with sleeveless or loose sleeves. That doesn’t mean you need to go fully strapless, but you can consider having sleeveless camis, off-shoulder blouses, or puff-sleeve blouses. Short-sleeve button-ups are also very good options.

sunny weather outfits

Hot, sunny weather outfits: A short-sleeve button-up for women

Opt for breathable fabrics 

Choosing clothes in natural fabrics that are breathable is the key to stay cool and comfortable in the hot months of summer. That may not really matter during other months of the year, but you will notice the big differences between fabrics that trap moisture and breathable fabrics during the summer. 

For example, cotton is more breathable and better at absorbing sweat and dries quicker than types of fabrics like polyester or rayon. Synthetics usually are not breathable, so it’s necessary to check clothing labels to ensure that your hot, sunny weather outfits are 100% made from linen, cotton, or silk.

Minimize accessories

It’s good to wear minimal accessories and jewelry in the hot weather. Earrings seem fine because they don’t touch much of your skin, however, necklaces, bracelets, or rings are often more trouble once the temperature rises. They can stick to your skin, and metals also get hot, making you really unpleasant in the heat.   

sunny weather outfits

Sunny weather outfits: It’s good to wear minimal accessories and jewelry in the hot weather

Upgrade your athleisure

If you are a fan of athleisure, you might also want to upgrade and supplement your wardrobe with new items which can make you a lot more comfortable when wearing them. 

Though technical fabrics are moisture-wicking, they are also tight, making them not always great for summer weather. That’s why you should consider swapping the usual black leggings and sweatshirt for more colorful bike shorts, tank tops, or short-sleeve crop tops. 

Choose unlined skirts, dresses, and jackets 

That’s another hot, sunny weather outfits tip that you should know. A lining not only adds one more layer between our skin and the air, but it is also often synthetic. That means it will not breathe well and then make you feel so hot. So, go for unlined skirts, dresses, and jackets. 

Carry small bags instead of a backpack or a large tote 

You will be going to sweat a lot with a gigantic tote stuck to your side or a huge backpack stuck to your back. So, why don’t take this chance to clean out your backpack or your tote and get back to basics with smaller bags like a small crossbody or handbag? In summer, the less stuff you carry around, the less sweaty you will feel. 

sunny weather outfits

A pink wide-brimmed sun hat

Protect your head and skin 

It’s important to wear a hat which can be a wide-brimmed hat to protect your head from the sunlight. Or you can keep in your bag a lightweight, woven scarf so that you can drape it over your shoulders or head when you feel like you are getting too much sun. It’s a handy tip on choosing hot and sunny weather outfits that you should know. 

Besides, you also need to cover up your skin to protect it from the sun as well as keep it cool. Not only does direct sunlight damage your skin, but it also raises your body temperature. 

Keep your hair off your neck using a small cotton scarf 

This item is great for absorbing sweat. You can either wear it around the neck with your hair down or use it to tie up your hair. If you don’t have this item, it’s okay to tie up your hair with an elastic hair tie or something like this. 

They are some general basic tips on choosing hot, sunny weather outfits for women that you should know. Well, in the next part of this writing, we are going to find out tips on how to dress for work and for the beach in summer. 

sunny weather outfits

Summertime is a great time for trips and vacations

Sunny weather outfits: How to dress in summer weather?

Summer is, of course, time for us to go to the beaches. So what should we dress for the beach? The answers will be all revealed below here. But first, it’s good to take a look at tips on how to dress for work for summer. 

How to dress for work on hot and sunny days of summer?

Obviously, you should always look professional at the office no matter how the weather is. During the summertime, along with having a professional look, you also need to dress to keep your cool and comfortable in hot weather.

  • Choose light colors. As mentioned above, dark colors absorb the sun’s light while light colors reflect rather than absorb it, so you should always stick to light-colored clothing in hot, sunny weather. Though workwear often comes in dark colors like navy and black, it’s good for you to try lighter colors such as a light blue button-up shirt, a white linen blazer, or a seersucker suit, etc.

  • Dress in layers. Layering is an essential tip on choosing not only cold weather outfits or snow weather outfits but also hot, sunny weather outfits as well. If your office or your workplace has air conditioning, then layering is considered a big part of your summer fashion vibe. Well, a cotton cardigan is a good choice for hot summer days when you need to go from a boiling atmosphere outside to a cold office. 

sunny weather outfits

Flip-flops are not appropriate for the office or workplace at all

  • Try a one-piece garment. This type of clothing can help you feel cooler in the hot summer. Why don’t you try a work-appropriate one-piece such as a wrap dress or a jumpsuit instead of keep wearing separates which can get very warm in summer? But keep in mind that you should just go for items that are appropriate for the workplace and give you a professional look. 

  • Go for closed-toe footwear. Though wearing flip-flops can make you feel comfortable and cool during hot days of summer, it seems a very bad idea to wear this type of footwear when you go to work. Flip-flops are not appropriate for the office or workplace at all. They will ruin your professional look and can cause bad effects on your feet’ health if you wear them for too long. Instead, it will be much better if you go for closed-toe shoes in the office. Loafers and flats with moisture-wicking no-show socks are something you should try.

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How to dress for the beach in the summertime?

Similar to how to dress for work in summer, well, there are also a few to consider when choosing what to wear for the beach. 

  • Buy your swimsuit early. For many of us, swimwear can be one of the hardest clothing items to shop for. That’s why you should give yourself enough time to browse. Remember that you should choose items that make you really comfortable. 

  • Choose materials other than denim. Though tight denim cutoffs might give you a cute beach look, wearing soaking wet, sandy denim shorts are never comfortable. Opt for more breathable items like Bermuda shorts, for example. 

sunny weather outfits

You should wear materials other than denim

  • Protect your skin. Sunscreen and a hat are what you need to always keep in your beach tote. The tip on choosing hot, sunny weather outfits here is to opt for a sun hat that you truly love, so you will not be tempted to leave it at home. You never want to leave your favorite fashion at home, right?

  • Prepare your beach cover-up. It is not really necessary to buy a dedicated beach cover-up because you can repurpose other clothing items to cover your swimsuit. For example, if you have an oversize white button-up shirt, it’s great to use it as your beach cover-up that can also double as a mini shirtdress.


Above are all the tips on choosing hot and sunny weather outfits for women that we want to introduce to you in this article. As you can see, it’s not really easy to keep ourselves always cool and comfy as well as look fashionable during the hot summer, right? We hope that all the tips listed above were useful to you in some way or another. 


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