Super Cool Rainy Weather Outfits You’ll Love

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Rainy days do not just ruin your mood—they can wreak havoc on your outfit, too. 

You probably want to neither put on heavy clothing in an attempt to stay dry nor end up all wet. So how do you decide on the best fabrics for those rainy days? Take a scroll through our list of best rainy weather outfits along with some tips on why they’ll work, and you'll be waiting for the next storm. 

rainy weather outfits

Super Cool Rainy Weather Outfits You’ll Love

Tips for rainy weather outfits

Here are some tips when choosing outfits for a rainy day:

Preferably choose outfits with waterproof materials 

Of course, clothing made from waterproof materials can save you from the rain. Not only does it give a fresh, impressive look, but the waterproof items will also keep you warm on a rainy day.

This is one of the rainy weather outfits used by most fashionistas during the rainy season.

Light-colored clothing is recommended

Priority is given to items with bright and eye-catching colors. However, pastel-colored items should not be listed in rainy weather outfits. These outfits will give you a dull look.

With brightly colored items, the wearer will get a fresh style. Moreover, the colorful items also partly bring positive energy to the wearer.

rainy weather outfits

If you love dark clothes, create an eye-catching highlight on them

Not everyone loves clothes with bright colors. It's okay to choose dark-colored items, but consider choosing an outstanding accessory for yourself. This accessory will become a mischievous highlight, bringing elegance to your outfit.

Choose a cross bag or backpack

Cross-bags are one of the best rainy weather outfits that will give you a cleaner, more dynamic look on rainy days. Especially in the case that your hand is busy holding an umbrella.

Likewise, the backpack will also give you a dynamic look and still look trendy. Special backpacks are suitable for simple yet stylish outfits.

Avoid wearing high heels

Rainy days are also the most slippery days. So towering stiletto pairs are absolutely not the right choice. Instead, choose for yourself neat and pretty rain boots.

Best ideas for rainy weather outfit

Keep It Simple

If you are those who follow simplicity, go for a short black dress and trusty black boots. This is an easy choice that you can then mix with accessories such as, a scarf or necklaces.


When it's raining out, getting dressed feels harder than usual. Why don’t you go back to the basics and opting for what you know, your look is sure to hold up throughout the day. Pair your favorite fitted jeans with a leather bomber and Chelsea boots that won't turn on you while walking down the street. The bomber is actually one of the best rainy weather outfits.

rainy weather outfits

Which are the best rainy weather outfits?

Clyde rain hat1668

The next best water-repellent accessory for rainy days is a Clyde rain hat. It provides your own sunshine with a bright colored blazer and matching slides to ensure that you.


Finding the right kind of rain jacket can be hard. They're not long enough, or the hood doesn't fully cover your head, or they're just plain ugly. So you should try Stockholm's unisex raincoat for the perfect oversized fit and modern look. 

Lawrence Waterproof Raincoat

A color-block raincoat will definitely brighten a gloomy day. What I like about this coat is the big pockets that keep my keys and wallet protected. So there is no need to carry a bag in the rain. It's also available in three different patterns. Is a Lawrence Waterproof Raincoat earned a place in the list of best rainy weather outfits?

rainy weather outfits

Water-Resistant Trench Coat

A water-resistant glossy trench coat adds just the right amount of a menswear feel, but with a feminine touch. It can put the spark into any rainy day outfit. The slim fit is flattering, while the plaid is subtle and sophisticated.

dreary days can sometimes be accompanied by drizzle. So, girls, a hat should always be in your bag. You can mix it with jeans, distressed pants, dresses, etc., except for prom dresses. Congrats! You are now stylish and dry!


How can raincoats be rainy weather outfits? Well, you might be surprised by this idea. Yes, we agree that raincoats are not fancy to look at or wear, but there is nothing worse than going around in trousers soaked in mud and rain. Stylish or not, you need them to stay dry. Maybe an ingenious outfit combination makes you stand out in the rain.

Water bag

You probably think a water bag can be frivolous to mention. However, I’ve ended up with damp bills many times. If you carry your laptop or tablet, make sure to invest in a laptop sleeve made with nylon or other waterproof fabrics. Your bag is also waterproof as well. 

The Rain Boots

These rubber rain boots will walk you through puddles like a warrior. They're easy to pull on and the lug sole helps to prevent slipping. All in all, our list of the most suitable rainy weather outfits should include rain boots.

rainy weather outfits

Rainy weather outfits: Best Rain boots 

The Baseball Cap

A baseball cap just works well when the raindrops start to fall. It has an adjustable strap and no logo. Try pairing it with a black trench coat, white t-shirt, and jeans for a clean and uniform look.

Rainy Day Outfits for Light Rain

A good trench coat is just perfect for light rain. Tights are also a good option as they are made of synthetic material that dries quickly. You can choose leather boots that not only keep your feet dry but also withstand mud. Another way to help keep your shoes from water is by using a water-resistant spray.

How about a brightly-colored umbrella? Apart from blocking a drizzle, it can also brighten up your photographs. If the umbrella is not your choice, go for a light hooded jacket. Another key to keeping your feet dry is wool blend socks. Which ones are your favorite rainy weather outfits?

Rainy Day Outfits: Hiking or Exploring 

You have a hiking trip planned but unfortunately it rains. It would be too late to blame yourself for not checking weather forecasts in advance. Instead, enjoy your trip and choose a proper outfit. We highly recommend a quality rain jacket, good hiking boots, and a waterproof bag. 

rainy weather outfits

Rainy Weather Outfits for hiking and exploring

You can also consider moisture-wicking pants and socks. A good pair of socks keep your feet not only dry but also warm. As hiking will make your feet sweat. Additional moisture can lead to blisters. So make sure to choose socks with a wool blend.

Why should we check weather for the best outfits?

Checking our weather app before leaving the house is something we often pay little attention to but I have to emphasize: It is significantly important.

I can't count how many times I’ve been caught mid-rainstorm dressed in white. Those memories of soaking wet shoes and squished wet feet are still so vivid in my mind. This is because I forgot about checking the weather or bring an umbrella before going outside. 

rainy weather outfits

Best ideas for rainy weather outfits

I live in a place where it typically rains once in a blue moon. Two years ago, I visited the East Coast, and for my first month here, it rained almost every day. I was armed with a denim jacket and canvas shoes, I felt like a misfit among those who prepared Parkas, anoraks, and rain boots.

So I got a bit regretful of not pre-planning for rainy weather outfits.

Advice for you: Before traveling or visiting somewhere, you should check weather conditions and weather forecast in that destination so that you can know what’s ahead and have good preparation. Don’t be like me, the disregard for the past can lead to unexpected consequences in the future.

Apps to check weather for the best outfits

And when it comes to deciding what to wear each day, one of the most important factors is the weather. Weather Forecast uses your current location to detect the local weather conditions. Based on this key information, you can choose the best outfits to not only keep you safe and healthy but also give you a cool look.

Check weather

Check weather forecasts to choose proper rainy weather outfits 

The free app is available on both Android and iOS now, so you can download it for free to your phone and use it whenever and wherever you want.

What Fabric Works Best For Those Rainy Days?

The fabric qualities of rainy weather outfits are important. Look for something that is breathable, quick-drying to help regulate your temperature and prevent moisture. Also, you may want fabrics that are waterproof or water-resistant to protect yourself from the rain. Finally, go for clothing that is lightweight.  

Which fabrics are the most suitable for rainy days? You should consider wool materials, which can maintain your warmth, polyester, nylon, or silk. Alpaca and Merino wools are also great option. However, while some of these materials are water-resistant, they might not always be waterproof.

Rainy Weather Outfits: Fabrics to avoid wearing during the rainy season?

rainy weather outfits

Which fabrics are suitable for rainy weather outfits?

Here are fabrics to steer clear of on rainy days:

Denser than most fabrics, Velvet Velvet has a greater capacity to retain water. If you, unfortunately, get wet wearing velvet, the possibility it will dry off in a few hours is low. So, It's best to stay away from your pieces of cloths made with Velvet

One of the most crucial rainy weather outfits tips is not choosing clothes made of leather during the rainy season. While leather is an enduring fabric and waterproof, the treatment can harm leather goods. 

Therefore, you are recommended to wipe your accessories dry right after they come in contact with water. Another effective way is to use a water repellent spray to save them from damage.

rainy weather outfits

Rainy weather outfits: Which fabrics should we use?

Wool is not recommended for rainy days as it starts smelling musty when exposed to damp air. With high levels of humidity in the air, you should store your outfits made with wool after the rains.

Another fabric to avoid in wet weather is Denim. It becomes heavier when it gets wet. You may need two days to dry off your pair of heavy jeans completely if soaked. 

Compared to wool or denim, Silk is lighter. However, it is not a wise choice for rainy weather outfits if your silk garment is not soaked right after it gets dirty, the affected area will leave a mark. In the worst case, you may have to steam the stain out or spot clean.


Rainy days are not comfortable- That’s right. But who are we to let a little rain prevent us from putting on a cool and fashionable outfit.  Of course, your health should be your top priority when it comes to rainy outfits. From casual raincoats to sophisticated trench coats, the options are unlimited. We hope those super cool rainy weather outfits you’ll love make you dry and fashionable. 

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