Best Time to Visit Europe: Seasons, Weather, Tips

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Europe is a definitely favored destination for holidaymakers. The best time to visit Europe depends on many factors: Your budget, your preferred types of weather, and activities. There are four distinct seasons in Europe: Spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Each has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to traveling. Keep reading on to have the right decision on when to visit European destinations.

best time to visit Europe

Best Time to Visit Europe

Weather conditions in Europe

The table gives information on European seasons, weather conditions, and temperatures.

Travel Months

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Max Temperature 


















Best time to visit Europe

As mentioned at the beginning, Europe has four seasons and each comes with its own beauty and distinctness. Let’s take a look to know when to visit Europe.

European Summer

Europe is a year-round travel destination, but many people believe that the best time to visit Europe is during the summer months from June to September. Why?

This is a beautiful time when the days are longer, the beaches get more stunning, and most European countries celebrate cultural events, galas, and fashion sales. For those who love hikes or adventure activities, summer is definitely a great choice. The continent has a wide range of climates, but most of the continent has mild weather with a temperature of 7-14, which is due to the winds blowing from the Atlantic Ocean.

The peak season lasts from June to August. If you plan to visit Europe during these times, just keep the following caveats in mind.

best time to visit Europe

Best Time to Visit Europe: Seasons, Weather, Tips

First, purchase your tickets for key tourist attractions, and make restaurant reservations in advance to avoid facing unnecessarily high fees. 

Second, the best time to visit Europe, particularly tourist hotspots is early in the morning or later in the evening to avoid the worst of the crowds. 

Third, if you plan to go to Paris and don’t want to be hit by rainfall in Paris, just avoid visiting it in July. If you visit Moscow, you should carry sunblock to avoid the intense heat. Remember to bring an umbrella in case of unexpected summer showers.

If you’re traveling with children, they will definitely enjoy the vibe of peak season!

France, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Greece in Western and Southern Europe are the busiest tourist hubs during summers. 

Autumn in Europe 

Autumn is the shoulder season to visit Europe, particularly visit Netherlands, Belgium, or Sweden. Fewer tourists at this time make it more accessible and 

The temperature and weather during this season are cool and pleasant, ideal for tourists to travel around Europe. However, this is also the time when rains are common, so the weather can be wet and cold sometimes. For some, autumn may not be considered the best time to visit Europe, but others like watching cities in the rain. 

best time to visit Europe

When is the Best Time to Visit Europe

Make sure to check weather before heading out to stay safe and healthy. Numerous festivals are celebrated during the autumn months including The La Mercé Festival of Spain, Paris Nuit Blanche of France, Cafe Budapest Contemporary Art Festival of Hungary, and so on. 

Why you should visit now: The tourist crowd decreases at this time making the place more accessible and the prices of accommodations and services also drop significantly.

Tips: Check weather forecast before going out and pack for a pair of rain boots and warm clothes in case of a sudden rain.

Off-Peak Season Europe Travel

April to June and September to November can be the best time to visit Europe if you don’t want to travel during peak seasons or have a certain level of flexibility.

You can enjoy long days without the crowds and maximize your time and experience in every city.

What’s more? You may use any services at a possibly lower price (e.g. flight tickets, hotel price). However, the disadvantage of traveling before or after peak seasons is the unexpected weather, so remember to bring necessary stuff for both warm and cool weather.

best time to visit Europe

Find the Best Time to Visit Europe

Considering the places and cities that you plan to visit will help you easily decide when to visit Europe. Of course, certain seasons have certain experiences worth exploring. 


If you are a budget-conscious traveler and you want to see Europe on its different side, the cold months of winter from November to March definitely the best time to visit Europe

You will have the opportunity to visit many tourist attractions without being overwhelmed by the crowds. That said, it’s worth noting that a lot of destinations that are buzzing during the summertime are often closed during the winter months. Thus, you should plan your itinerary wisely.

best time to visit Europe

Do you know when is Best Time to Visit Europe

The days in Europe winter are shorter and the weather is significantly cooler. You can have a chance to celebrate Christmas, one of the biggest holidays in Europe. Moreover, you may get interested in visiting Christmas markets, skiing, and other snow-based activities. 

Winter is the best time to visit if you want to spy on the Northern Lights. But make sure to pack a winter jacket and your woolens as well. 

Spring in Europe 

Spring comes with favorable weather with the temperature ranging from  2 C to 18 C. It’s not too hot, nor too cold, so just ideal for go sightseeing and exploring Europe at its peak beauty with its newborn greenery. Spring can be the best time to visit Europe, particularly countries in the South like France, Scotland, England, Ireland. 

Tourists visiting Europe this season will have the opportunity to take part in many wonderful music festivals and outdoor activities that are opened back after white winter.

best time to visit Europe

Best Time to Visit Europe with Family


It’s true that each season has a wide range of exciting activities and experiences for every type of tourist. It’s hard to say exactly when it’s is the best time to visit Europe as it depends on many factors such as the weather, the cities you want to visit and, your budget, and your own personal preferences as well. Therefore, consider those factors carefully before you book a holiday to make sure you maximize your time and your money and you have the Europe trip of a lifetime. Thanks and good luck!

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