11 Best Weather App for Photographers

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Weather strongly affects landscape photography and taking the advantage of ideal conditions can take your photos to the next level. There are a host of weather apps that forecast when Mother Nature will rain or sun. Read on 11 best weather app for photographers.

Weather apps for a photographer

Most basic weather apps do a great job of providing a general idea of the forecast but can’t display future conditions in a way that’s helpful to landscape photographers.

They help increase your chances of being in the field during the best conditions, rather than watching them happen outside your window.

Best weather app for photographers

What is the best weather app for photographers?

  1. Sun Surveyor 

Many people go for Sun Surveyor as it offers so many different tidbits of information! Simply type your location and date, Sun Surveyor is the best weather app for photographers as it tells you sunrise and sunset time, moonrise and moonset, golden hour, and blue hour. You can find out the phase of the moon and the time that the core of the milky way will be visible (if applicable). There is also a map showing the arc of the movement of the sun and moon across your location. This shows you exactly where the sun, moon, or milky way will be at any given time as you stand in your location. By which, you’ll know which is the best weather for photography.

2. Weather Forecast

Weather Forecast is a good basic weather app with a 7 day weather forecast or even a 10-day forecast in the free version. The app provides an overview of the current conditions, a daily and hourly forecast with a very helpful graph detailing the conditions. There is also a section with sun and moon rise and set times. This best weather app for photographers app will save them from canceling an important shoot.

Best weather app for photographers

Weather Forecast is the best weather app for photographers

3. Weather Underground 

Weather Underground has enough features to give the best weather for photography. From telling the current weather conditions to forecasting weather in your location next week. It also includes a radar map, severe weather alerts, as well as sunrise and sunset times.

For those who are interested in outdoor activities and photography, this app is a cool option because of provided information on the weather you'd prefer for your excursion (a sunny morning, perhaps). Besides, Weather Underground also tells you when that forecast is expected next. This is the best weather app for photographers, isn’t it?

Best weather app for photographers

11 best weather app for photographers

4. Photopills

Photopills is the best weather app for photographers who want to take Milky Way shots. It allows setting the location and seeing how the Milky Way will line up at all particular times where you’re standing thanks to the Night AR view. Using the app, you can also make plans for Milky Way shooting sessions in advance. 

5. Astrospheric

Atmospheric is another awesome weather app that shows cloud cover by the hour and includes a radar that shows the clouds moving over your location. You can watch the radar or click on a particular hour to see the cloud cover prediction and location of the clouds. This best weather app for photographers is for predicting those clear nights for astrophotography.

6. Clear Outside

This app is a perfect choice for those who like to take photos of clouds as it gives hour by hour information on the cloud cover in your preferred location. Apart from the overall cloud cover, it also tells you whether they are low, mid, or high clouds. This is very helpful for predicting clear nights for astrophotography.

Moreover, Clear Outside also provides visibility, fog, the chance of rain, and temperature, so you can know when to go out for the best shots. 

Best weather app for photographers

 Best weather app for photographers to creat great shots

7. My Aurora Forecast Pro

Have you ever captured the Northern Lights? If not, you can not ignore this best weather app for photographers. It allows you to see the chance of the Northern Lights in your chosen location. The app features an Aurora Map that displays the best locations for the Aurora and the long term KP potential forecast. Moreover, using this app, you can also be informed about high aurora activity.

8. Windy

Windy is a free weather app with many features. It provides almost any weather-related information you could expect for a specific region.

The app has an interactive map that can be scrolled side-to-side to change the date and time displayed. This helpful app provides useful information on the best weather for photography such as cloud cover, wind direction, wind speed, and wave direction. 

You can also check the actual cloud conditions before venturing out with your camera. 

Best weather app for photographers

 Best weather app for photographers you should know

9. Tides Near Me

For many, Tides Near Me is the best weather app for photographers as it provides you with the high and low tide times, tide heights, the sun, and moonrise/set times.

After selecting your location, you’ll see three tabs that tell the most recent and upcoming tide, a tide forecast for the next 7 days, as well as a map showing available tide stations. As a photographer, you may want to know how high a tide within the next week will be, then this app is definitely a great choice.

10. Astrospheric

Atmospheric is a useful app for determining the clarity of the night sky.

For landscape astrophotography, the percent cloud cover is important. This helpful app provides not only cloud cover but also the transparency and seeing of your chosen location. 

Best weather app for photographers

Explore the best weather app for photographers

This basically tells you how many small details are visible through the atmosphere, displayed in a clear graph. Astrospheric provides 48 hour forecasts over one hour intervals, as well as a 10 day cloud forecast over a 3 hour period.

11.  Yahoo Weather

The Yahoo Weather is another best weather app for photographers that displays images of your location with matching time of day and weather conditions, with the option to view detailed five-day forecasts, as well as interactive radar, heat, and satellite maps. Updates have brought the Android app in line with the iOS design for a unified experience across both platforms. 


Pick one of those 11 best weather app for photographers to take great pictures. Again, forecasts can be unpredictable and no app is perfect, but the combination of these apps can help to figure out when and where I can find the best opportunities for landscape and astrophotography. Do you have any favorite apps not listed here? I’d love to hear about them and add them to my tool list.

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