Pet care in hot weather: 9 pet safety tips

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How to take care of your pet in hot weather? How to keep them cool and safe during even the hottest days of summer? … Check out today’s article “Pet care in hot weather: 9 pet safety tips” and get useful tips to keep your furry companions protected from the fierce summer heat. 

pet care in hot weather

How to take care of your pet in hot weather?

Well, summer is a great time for frolicking and having fun outdoors with your furry friends. Yep, that’s true. But hot weather also carries certain risks to your pet’s health. 

Even very healthy pets can face potential health-related issues when overexposed to the heat and high temperatures. That’s the reason why we have to take extra caution and better take care of our pets to make sure they are fine in the heat. Following are some key tips for better pet care in hot weather that you should know. Let’s see what they are now!

Visit the vet

During summertime, we and our pets tend to spend more time outdoors. So, you should take your pet to a vet before the hot days of summer for a full check-up. Make sure they get tested for heartworm. And don't forget to ask the veterinarian to recommend a flea and tick control plan. These are, of course, year-round issues, but in summer when the temperatures can rise so high, it's more crucial to monitor them.

pet care in hot weather

You should take your pet to a vet for a full check-up before the hot days

Be sure to keep a close eye on your pet in the heat

As compared to humans, the ability to deal with the heat of your pets is more limited. They just can release heat through the paw pads and by panting, while we can sweat through the skin on the whole body. Well, if you are hot, your furry friends are definitely hot. So, be sure to keep a close eye on your pets and give them better pet care in hot weather.

Moreover, animals with flat faces such as Persian cats, Pugs, Bulldogs, etc can't pant as effectively as others, therefore they seem to be more susceptible to heatstroke, according to the ASPCA. Of course, you also need to pay a lot more attention to elderly or overweight pets or ones with lung and heart disease. 

Avoid letting your pets run around outside or play outdoors during the hottest periods of the day. 

pet care in hot weather

Animals with flat faces are more susceptible to the heat

Pet care in hot weather: Keep them hydrated

When the air outside is hot and sticky, pets are more susceptible to getting dehydrated. They need to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration during hot weather. Be sure to provide them with lots of fresh, clean water, no matter whether at home, out on walks, or in the garden.

There are so many ways you can use to encourage your pets to drink more water such as making pet ice lollies, playing with garden sprinklers, or flavoring their drinking water. It's also a good idea to buy a travel water bowl to ensure your pets always have something to drink while being out and about. 

pet care in hot weather

Always keep them hydrated

Never leave your pets alone in the car

When it comes to pet care in hot weather, this tip is so crucial. On warm days of summer, the inside of a vehicle will reach dangerously high temperatures within a few minutes. 

According to, studies show that temperatures inside a car (with windows cracked) can go up to 100°F (38°C) in just 10 minutes when the temps outside are 75°F (24°C). 

Temperature in cars with dark colors can rise even more, reaching 200°F. This could cause a fatal heatstroke for the pets. So, never, ever leave them alone in the vehicle during warm days, even with the windows opened. 

Not only in summer, but this tip is also true in winter. Never leave your pets in cold cars during winter. This is a big cold-weather safety tip that all pet owners need to know.

pet care in hot weather

Pet care in hot weather: Please never leave your pet alone in the vehicle

Know the signs of overheating in your pets

It’s crucial to know the signs and symptoms of overheating in your pets. The signs include excessive panting or difficulty breathing, increased salivation, increased heart and respiratory rate, mild weakness, stupor, or even collapse, vomiting with an elevated body temperature of above 104°F (40°C), and more. If left unchecked, the situation can get much worse. 

So, always keep an eye on your pets during hot weather to see if they have any signs of overheating and heatstroke or not. If your pet shows any signs of overheating, you need to contact your veterinary practice as soon as possible.

pet care in hot weather

It’s crucial to know the signs and symptoms of overheating in your pets

Pet care in hot weather: Keep an eye on the paws

When the summer sun blaze downs more and more, well, common surfaces like asphalt or metal can be extremely hot. If the pavement becomes too hot for our bare feet, then it’s also too hot for your pets’ paws. 

Exposure to these surfaces can not only burn the paws of your pets but also raise their body temperature. So, always be mindful of hot surfaces and check the pavement carefully before bringing your pets outside to avoid burnt paws. 

You should keep them off during the hottest part of the day, especially during peak daytime hours of 10.00 A.M to 4.00 P.M. Consider walking your dogs in off-peak times of the day like early morning or evening when the pavement is cooler. For added protection, it’s best to shorten walks to prevent overheating.

pet care in hot weather

Don’t forget to keep an eye on their paws

Consider applying pet-friendly sunscreen

Just like us, our dogs can suffer from sunburn when they aren’t properly protected. Those having short or white hair with pink ears appear to be more at risk, so the owners need to be more careful to protect them from the bad effects of the sun’s rays. 

Consider applying dog-specific sunscreen to sensitive areas of your furry friends like their nose, tips of the ears, lips, and belly. Once again, it’s essential to keep them out of the sun during the hottest hours of the day.

Don’t forget to ask your vet for advice on the right type of sunscreen for your pet and your pet’s needs. 

pet care in hot weather

Pet care in hot weather: Make sure your pets have a shady place to relax and get out of the sun when they play outside

Provide shady spots

If your furry friends love to play outside, make sure they have a shady place to relax and get out of the sun. Shade created by trees allows air to freely circulate, so it’s better than a dog house. You should also keep track of how the shade changes when the sun moves throughout the day to guarantee your pet always has a shady area to sit in. 

Never over-exercise them in hot weather, and keep them indoors if it is extremely hot outside. That’s what you can do to ensure good pet care in hot weather for your furry friend. 

pet care in hot weather

Brushing your pet more often also helps prevent problems caused by excessive heat

Trim longer hair and regular brush hair but never shave your pets

Yep, this is the next tip for better pet care in hot weather! It’s okay to trim longer hair on your furry friends but never shave them. A shaggy coat actually helps insulate them against heat and sunburn. 

For ones with long and thick fur, it’s good to groom them since shorter hair helps regulate their body temperature. But once again, never shave them because doing so can make your pet susceptible to sunburn.

Brushing your cat and your dog more often than usual to get rid of shedding fur can also help prevent problems resulting from excessive heat. 


Well, above are 9 basic tips for better pet care on hot summer days that you should know. Note that these are just basic tips to know. Taking care of different types of pets is not the same since it depends on a wide range of factors like the breed, age, state of health of your pet, and more. So, it’s always best to get advice on how to take care of your furry friends the right way from your veterinarian. And that’s all for today’s article “Pet care in hot weather: 9 pet safety tips.” Hope you found it useful and interesting. 

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