Extensive Rain, Cool Pattern Widens Across The West, Possibility Of Alpine Snow

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A cool and wet pattern takes hold of much of Western Canada this week. Cool, wet, and unsettled! That will be an ideal line of attack to illustrate much of Western Canada this week with a fall-like pattern sending temperatures falling over and delivering extensive rain to the area. More on the timing of the incoming rain and potential snow, plus a look at if the weather of the week indicates a free fall right into autumn, below.

A series of systems will keep the majority of Western Canada unsettled for much of this week since temperatures cool far enough to bring the risk for some high elevation snowfall.

Extensive Rain, Cool Pattern Widens Across The West, Possibility Of Alpine Snow

Rex Block Pattern Sets Up Over British Columbia

You can thank the Rex Block for the wet weather of this week in British Columbia. According to a Weather Network meteorologist, “With a Rex Block, high-pressure positions itself north of low pressure and the pattern remains locked in or stationary to some extent for a number of days. This puts a stop to weather systems from typically advancing from west to east across the country.”

An upper level low positioned over southern British Columbia will bring extensively scattered rain showers and the threat for thunderstorms on Tuesday. Through Tuesday morning, episodes of reasonable to heavy rain are likely at times through the Rockies. Temperatures will even cool enough during the night into the pre-dawn hours on Tuesday for elevations more than 1800 meters to see some mixing or snow, likely near Banff and parts of Kananaskis.

Extensive Rain, Cool Pattern Widens Across The West, Possibility Of Alpine Snow

Rain Spreads Into The Prairies On Tuesday

This week, a series of channels swinging north from the United States will even make for a wet pattern across the southern Prairies. A.U.S system compelling itself north will get squished south from high pressure situated north and this will spread 10-20+ mm of extensive rain across southern Alberta, Saskatchewan, and southern Manitoba through Tuesday.

Daytime highs across the Prairies will even struggle to reach the mid-teens right through Wednesday.

New Low Climbs North Tuesday

By Thursday, temperatures will, a little bit, bounce back across Alberta, still remaining cool across southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba as a result of a new low climbing north from the United States.

The Colorado Low will spread rain into southeastern Saskatchewan and across southern Manitoba, tracking towards the Great Lakes through Friday. An early look at rain totals suggests 30-50 mm could fall in the vicinity. On Thursday, a thunderstorm threat will even go together with this low into Manitoba.

According to the Weather Network meteorologist, “Then we will make out a new Pacific system track into the British Columbia coast through Thursday and Friday as heavy rain and gusty winds target much of the coast into the weekend. Temperatures will continue to be chilly and lower than seasonal across British Columbia through the weekend.”

Parts of the Prairies will experience some warmer weather for the weekend with even warmer conditions anticipated for the central and eastern Prairies by early next week.

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