Following the death of Indiana man, U.S. lightning fatality death toll rises for 2019

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According to authorities, on Saturday evening, an Indiana man died by lightning as he and a friend were boating on a lake. Richard Eberhardt, 65, was operating a pontoon boat on Lake of the Woods in Marshall County when a line of strong thunderstorm moved through the region and the two men made an effort to navigate the boat to shore. Eberhardt was hit, and went into cardiac arrest.

His friend, who was unhurt, started to right away administer CPR until EMS and fire department people reached. Eberhardt was stated dead at the scene.

The Woods in Marshall County when a line of strong thunderstorm moved through the region. Eberhardt was hit and went into cardiac arrest.Around 3 PM ET on Sunday, storms rolled in Indiana from the west and travelled into the north-central region of the state. They brought periods of heavy rain all the way through the evening hours; rainfall was heavy enough to lessen visibility to a quarter of a mile.

The death is being examined and an autopsy was scheduled to happen on Monday. This year, the death of Eberhardt is the 9th fatality associated with lightning in the country.

As much as 8 persons were hurt by a lightning hit in Florida on a Gulf Coast Beach on Sunday afternoon. It was reported that Clearwater Beach, roughly 25 miles south of Tampa, was evacuated on Sunday as a result of an advancing storm when lighting hit and beachgoers were hit.

A man undergone a direct strike and 7 others who were in close proximity were hurt, at least 1 of whom sustained burns. 5 of the 8 persons were taken to the hospital and reportedly three rejected treatment. One of the injured who was taken to the hospital was the man who undergone the direct hit. The man, who is in his 40s, as per WFTS, was seriously hurt, and went into cardiac arrest shortly after he was hit.

“It was this big hit. This guy, he got hit by lighting and he fell,” said Kenijah Everson, who saw the hit. After the man was hit, quite a few bystanders ran to his help, pulling him and others into a restaurant in close proximity and out of harm’s way. The act of unselfishness earned plaudits from Clearwater Fire Rescue District Chief Greg Newland.

Newland said, “They put themselves at risk, major thunderstorm going on, lighting popping every couple seconds, and they actually ran out onto the beach and were capable of pulling the injured into a safer place.”

Following the death of Indiana man, U.S. lightning fatality death toll rises for 2019Travis said, “A southeasterly flow had thunderstorms sparking over central Florida, drifting westward to the Clearwater and Tampa region two times during the afternoon.”

Several persons being hit by lightning at the same time isn’t rare. Previously this month in South Carolina, twelve persons were hit at a 4th of July gathering on the banks of the Black River. A 44-year-old man died by the hit. And previous month, 2 youngsters who were fishing at a lake outside of Pittsburg died when lighting hit.

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