Severe Weather Costs the US $40 Billion, Stated Kathy Castor

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Last week, a virtual town hall was held by U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor, D-Fla., who served as chair of the U.S. House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis.

Here, she gave an update on cost-effective ways to lower electric costs as well as information on the extreme weather patterns and events that took place in the Tampa Bay area this summer.

She joined WFLA Meteorologist Jeff Berardelli in the town hall. 

"A summer of record-breaking heat waves and other severe weather fueled by pollution, like Hurricane Idalia," the congresswoman said, and she commented on it after the incident.

Extreme weather costing US $40 billion this year

Extreme weather costing US $40 billion this year

"Weather disasters are getting worse and more common, and it costs us. 

We have already spent $40 billion on weather-related expenses this year." 

The creation of well-paying American employment while reducing climate pollution, costs, and resilience over time is a smart policy, according to Castor.

The Inflation Reduction Act is helping America develop new strategies for utilizing renewable energy sources. 

"By reducing expenses, creating well-paying jobs, and fulfilling our moral commitment to leave our children and future generations with a planet that is livable, we can combat climate change," she continued.

"Weather patterns are changing in the US and the rest of the world," Berardelli declared. 

"Other nations are competing with us because the Inflation Reduction Act is so great. 

With this bill, we are improving the environment and moving forward as much as we can. Failure is not an option."

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