Thai Drought Threatens the World's Supply of Rice and Sugar

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Thailand is putting together backup plans to deal with a severe drought that might linger for years and restrict the supply of rice and sugar around the world.

This monsoon season, nationwide rainfall may be up to 10% below average.

According to government officials, the advent of the El Nino weather pattern might further reduce precipitation during the next two years. 

Authorities have warned that this country would experience widespread drought conditions starting in early 2024.

They have asked farmers to just grow one crop of rice due to the bleak outlook in an effort to save water.

In addition, producers of sugar report a decline in output for the first time in three years.

Due to decreased harvests and more expensive animal feed, a drought in Southeast Asia will undoubtedly increase prices for vegetables, fresh foods, and meat.

Drought menacing Thailand threatens the global supply of sugar and rice

Drought menacing Thailand threatens the global supply of sugar and rice

The Office of Natural Water Resources and the state-run Electricity Generating Authority have been urged by Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-Ocha to assist in developing contingency plans to preserve water. 

According to official figures, the nation's rainfall has been 28% lower so far in 2023 than it was during the same time last year.

El Nino has the potential to cause severe rains in South America and drier weather in regions of Asia and Africa, which might harm a variety of crops all around the world. 

Previous El Ninos have significantly impacted global inflation and negatively impacted the gross domestic product of countries like Brazil, India, and Australia.

Rate: 5.0 - 50Votes



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