Apple’s weather app got widespread issues, possible solutions

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On Tuesday 9 May 2023, it may have been better to simply peek out the window for anyone who used their iPhone and entirely relied on Apple's weather app to check the weather.

Apple’s Weather app fails again

Apple’s Weather app fails again

Apple Weather App Experiences Issues

A large number of users experienced a temporary outage of Apple's default Weather app as it showed only a city’s name without any forecast. 

It appeared to be a recurrence of earlier disruptions over the previous month.

However, not all customers were affected by this glitch, but those who were had a lot of trouble because there were no weather updates.

Luckily, Apple responded quickly to address the problem, and as of right now, everyone may use the Weather app as usual. 

This isn't the first time Apple's Weather app has encountered issues of this nature. A significant outage that prevented the app from displaying any data occurred in April. 

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Apple’s Weather app does not provide any forecast

Apple’s Weather app does not provide any forecast

Possible Alternatives To Check The Weather

Although the cause of the outage is yet unknown and Apple quickly fixed the problem and resumed service, today's situation has prompted questions about the dependability of the app.

It also serves as a reminder of how crucial it is to have alternatives to using the phone in our hands or pocket.

Check out some options below:

Go Local

You can choose an app that focuses on your location instead of one that offers forecasts for the whole world. 

Numerous local news stations offer weather apps of their own or news apps with weather features. 

These applications' local meteorologists are probably familiar with your area and capable of making precise forecasts.

Check Out Go Weather Radar

Consider using the Go Weather Radar with the live weather radar map if you're seeking global forecasts.

It shows precipitation, wind, snow, pressure, humidity, temperature, and cloud indices using various symbols and colors to make forecast checking simple and clear for users.

The live weather radar map of Go Weather Radar

The live weather radar map of Go Weather Radar

Add The National Weather Service To Your Phone

You might as well go directly to the National Weather Service since many TV station meteorologists frequently consult with them. 

The service often provides trustworthy and accurate forecasts.

Although the Weather Service doesn't have an app, mobile users can access its website. Find the website for your local Weather Service office and add it to your phone so you can access it quickly.

Stay tuned for GoWeather to get more important weather news!

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