London weather: Bizarre 6 days of non-stop mist are forecasted by BBC

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Weather forecast

London weather: Bizarre 6 days of non-stop mist are forecasted by BBC

On the morning of 25 March 2021, many residents in London might have been a little confused when they had checked the BBC's weather forecast early this morning. Even listening to weather news on TV or using a weather app, both receive a strange phenomenon. 

In detail, it is expected that a bizarre weather projection is coming and able to last for a week. It appears to present a very strange weather phenomenon. According to the weather forecast of BBC, from Saturday, March 27 to Thursday, April 1, London is forecasted to experience six days in a row of mist.

Besides, on the BBC site, it is expected that temperatures changed variously between 12 and 17 degrees Celcius, however, the outlook for every single day over the period simply said 'mist'.

It would have meant London was cover a huge blanket by a mist for about 144 hours in a row. We are not sure even the notorious pea-soups of the 1950s left London blanketed in the fog that badly.

Weather forecast

Early this morning (March 25), the BBC Weather app was forecasting six days of solid mist for London. (Image: BBC)

However, there might be some kind of glitch in the BBC weather app.

When cross-referenced with the trusty Met Office forecast, it looked more likely that the mysterious BBC mist forecast promising a dramatic glimpse of a Dickensian-style London was more likely to simply be a tech mistake.

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