Nail care in winter: Easy tips for stronger nails in cold weather

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“How to take care of my nails in winter?”, “How can I strengthen my nails in winter?”, “How to keep my nails from breaking in winter?”, etc are common questions that many of us have when it comes to winter nail care. Well, if you are also looking for the answers to these questions, then this article “Nail care in winter: Easy tips for healthier nails in cold weather” is definitely for you. Let’s check it out right now!

nail care in winter

How to take care of the nails in winter?

In the previous article, we shared with you some simple (but essential) nail care tips for summer. And today, why don’t we spend some more minutes learning about tips for nail care in winter

As you may know, the combination of icy wind, cold temperature, and extremely dry conditions can cause very bad effects on the health of our nails. During winter, the nails tend to get broken, chipped, or peeled more easily. That's why we need to pay more attention and better take care of them during wintertime.

So, what should we do to better take care of the nails and protect them from the severe effects of winter weather? Following are easy nail care tips that can help strengthen your nail and make it prettier in long winter. But first, it’s worth checking out why our nails tend to be weaker in the winter season.

nail care in winter

During winter, the nails tend to get broken, chipped, or peeled more easily.

Are nails more brittle during the winter?

The cold air outsides combined with the warmer, dry air inside can cause your skin and your nails to lose a lot of moisture. Well, when we constantly move between cold and hot, hot and cold temperatures, the moisture levels in the nails are reduced significantly, leaving them dehydrated and leading to more brittle nails. That's why nails tend to be broken more easily in winter. 

Well, you can't spend the whole winter hiding hands in gloves, right? And you also don't need to do that because below here are easy tips for nail care in winter that you can follow to make your nails healthier and stronger.

Nail care in winter: Easy tips for healthier nails in summer days

Now, it's time to explore these easy tips, one by one. Here they are!

nail care in winter

Tips for nail care in winter: Care for your cuticles

Look after the cuticles

The health of your nails depends a lot on your cuticles. Caring for them should be a process to undertake at all times, particularly when winter comes. Apply lotion or cuticle oil on a daily basis and massage to keep them hydrated and healthy. 

This will help prevent the skin around your nails from splitting or cracking. Also, no matter the weather, remember to never cut your cuticles as this can result in inflammation and infections. 

Keep your nails hydrated

If you've read nail care tips for summer mentioned in the previous article, well, you might find this tip so familiar, right? Yep, that's true. We need to keep the nails hydrated in summer, and in winter, this is even much, much more important. Out of tips for nail care for winters, this one is key.

nail care in winter

Don’t forget to keep your nails hydrated

So, in addition to the daily cuticle care with lotion or cuticle oil, you should also need to apply moisturizer to your hands, your fingers, and of course, your nails. Giving them the moisture boost throughout the winter will help prevent the nails from peeling, splitting, and breaking. 

Opt for shorter nails 

As the cold, dry winter makes your nails more brittle and increases the chances of breaking, it's a good idea to keep the nails shorter (not too short) to avoid snags and breaks. 

Remember that long nails can also snag or break easily on warm, fuzzy gloves, sweaters, or scarves.

Moreover, nails also need to cut and file often to promote healthy growth. But you should not file your nail rights after bathing or showering since wet nails tend to break easily.

nail care in winter

It's a good idea to keep the nails shorter

Don't forget to wear gloves

The next one in today’s tips for nail care in winter is wearing gloves. It is one of the easiest ways to protect your hands from the bitterly cold of winter. 

A nice pair of gloves not only keep your hands warm but also add a layer of protection to the nails from the harsh weather. Nails become dried out and more brittle when exposed to the cold. That's why you should always wear gloves outdoors when it's cold.

Besides, don't forget to wear rubber gloves when doing household chores like cleaning or washing up. This will also, of course, help protect the nails because too much exposure to water can badly affect your nails. Wearing gloves is even much more crucial when you clean or wash-up using chemicals like chlorine, alcohol-based sanitizers, etc. 

nail care in winter

You should always wear gloves outdoors when it's cold

Other tips

For sure, along with basic tips for nail care in winter listed all above, there are a lot of things we can do to strengthen the nails and make them shine even in the cold, dry weather. Here are a few more tips for you:

- Keep your hands and your nails clean (of course).

- Do not use nail polish remover too much. Using it one time a week is more than enough. Try to look for and use nail polish remover that doesn't contain acetone. 

- Do not bite your fingernails or pick at cuticles.

- ...


Above are basic tips that we want to share with you via this post “Nail care in winter: Easy tips for stronger nails in cold weather”. Like we introduced right at the start of this writing, all of these tips are more than easy and simple to follow, right? Hope you found them useful. 


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