Possibility of flood to be augmented in central Plains, Mississippi Valley this week due to rounds of storms

Residents in the hardest-hit places may observe rainfall totals reach the dual digits this week. The meteorologists even added that the greatest dangers will be from rapid small stream and urban flooding, but not flooding of the major rivers.

Flooding Storms To Move Across Central US, Join On Interstate-95 Corridor This Week

The storms will break heat as they approach. However, high humidity may remain in the Deep South and near the Atlantic coast.

Following the death of Indiana man, U.S. lightning fatality death toll rises for 2019

The Woods in Marshall County when a line of strong thunderstorm moved through the region and the two men made an effort to navigate the boat to shore. Eberhardt was hit, and went into cardiac arrest.

New Orleans Left Unhurt By Barry, But Stokes Alarms For Tornadoes & Floods

Tropical storm Barry dumped rain as it gradually brushed away inland all the way through Gulf coast states on Sunday, leaving New Orleans unhurt a direct hit but stirring up panics elsewhere of extended power outages, tornadoes, and flooding.

Hawaii to swipe early this week with Barbara

Even though Barbara is no longer a tropical storm or a hurricane, thunderstorms and showers linked to the diminished system are forecast to impact Hawaii early this week. Barbara was once a 155-mph Category 4 hurricane. However, albeit the tropical cyclone will keep on to head in the direction of Hawaii in the coming days, it was grown weaker. The compact region of heavy rain, as well as high winds, will spread out and reduce.

Where can fireworks show by thunderstorms be expected on the 4th of July?

Storms are expected from central and northern Idaho eastward to Pennsylvania and parts of Delaware, New York state and New Jersey. Along this swath, several thunderstorms may organize into complexes that can end for twelve hours or more as they can travel for hundreds of miles.

Summer Weather Prediction Contrasts Stridently Throughout Canada

Humidity and downpours can be expected in Atlantic and Central areas, B.C. is looking forward to be “king of the heat’.

Harsh Weather Churns Up Tornadoes Sets Free Strong Winds Throughout Central Us

The central United States was hit by one more round of tornadoes from North Dakota and Oklahoma to Indiana through the weekend.

The Weather & Climate In Missouri, USA

The moderately mild climate of Missouri signifies that outdoor enthusiasts can follow their hobbies for a larger portion of the year than in more northerly states.

Harsh Flooding Prompts the States of Crisis, Leaves 3 Dead in North Carolina

Water keeps on rising in the southeastern United States, warning more lives and property. 3 people were dead in the course of the heavy rain near Lincolnton, North Carolina, on Saturday evening. The vehicle they were traveling in slid off the road, hit a tree and tipped over into rising creek waters.